Re: Portable copy of NVDA not working on laptop

hurrikennyandopo ...


If you do it on a CD nvda must be in a directory called nvda and there
is a autorun.inf file that must be installed in the root directory of
the CD.

Also in later versions of windows now you have to go into the control
panel then autoplay part of it make sure the check box is checked to see
all devices and the following turned onĀ  right down near the bottom
called Software and games Install or run program from your media

If you look under the nvda audio tutorials page there are different ways
of starting nvda also putting it onto a CD and USB stick.

You will need to jump down by headings to you hear it either for a cd or
usb stick.

Gene nz

On 10/09/2018 1:33 AM, Nancy Shackelford wrote:
I put this on a CD, but it won't work in my laptop, for which I need
voice to fix; audio got disabled; I hoped to use NVDA with my
TripleTalk device, but portable is not doing anything. Are there
special things to know about making a portable copy? Does it need to
be on a DVD instead of a CD? Any and all help appreciated.


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