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I just typed this up for another person but this is done on a windows 10
machine same idea for earlier versions of windows but ddone a rough step
by step of what to do.

Where i also mentioned jjj on the usb stick been labeled this is more if
you do not use narrator to start nvda . In my case i can use the Windows
key + letter E to bring up file manager which shows my drives then press
the letter J so it jumps down to the usb stick then press the enter key
to go into it then the letter N for the nvda directory then the enter
key to go into it then the letter N for the nvda.exe file then the enter
key then nvda will start up.

The way i like to start nvda on a computer from a usb stick is first to
format your usb stick so there is no data on it. it will give you the
option to label the USBstick so call this jjj then i think you format it.

After you have done that with your installed version of nvda press the
nvda key + letter N arrow down to tools a sub menu will come off ithen
arrow down to create portable copy then press the enter key. make sure
your usb stick is in the computer before you do this.

It will then land you in a editable area if you already know what letter
it asigned to it you could type in the following. for example e:\nvda
then tab until you hear copy current configuration you can check this
box with the space bar there is also another check box which you can
check called Start the new portable copy after creation

then tab to continue then press the enter key wait a little while then
it will put the files into the nvda directory and when finished a
message will come up saying it has been done.

If you do not know what the letter of the cd drive was a signed in that
editable area mentioned before tab to the browse button then press the
enter key or space bar will do it.

Now shift/tab a few times until you hear nvda say tree view. Mine i hear
C:\ drive. Use the arrow keys to point it towards your usb stick. In
most cases it is the e:\ drive. You will then need to create a directory
called nvda.

If done correctly when you tab a couple of times you should then hear
the portable directory now is called e:\nvda make sure the 2 boxes are
checked it is up to you what you do then tab to continue then press the
enter key and wait until it is made.

Depending how you want to start it on a new computer if you are new to
it you can use narrator start him up on my windows 10 machine is is the
ctrl key + windows key + enter key. When he starts up locate where your
drives areĀ  locate the usb stick then find the older called nvda then
find the nvda.exe file then he will start up nvda. Then you can turn off
narrator just alt/tab until you hear narrator then use alt + f4 key to
close it.

there are other ways of doing it that can be found on my nvda audio
tutorials page on my website. There is a link in this email to my website.

Hope the above helps.

Gene nz

On 10/09/2018 3:40 AM, Nancy Shackelford wrote:
I can't seem to find the tutorial about putting NVDA on a memory
stick. Which section is it in?



On 9/9/18, Nancy Shackelford <n.k.nancelady@...> wrote:
Thanks, Rosie!


On 9/9/18, Rosemarie Chavarria <knitqueen2007@...> wrote:
Hi, Nance,

Gene NZ has a tutorial on how to put NVDA on a USB stick. Go to Hope this helps.
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