Re: Question about Dictation Bridge

Pranav Lal

Hi Terrie,
My answers are inline.
Thank you for this information. I am working with someone who is blind and
can't use a keyboard, and I have a few more questions. Do you know if there
is documentation showing how much control of the PC you get with TextBridge
and Dragon 15?
PL] dictationBridge will give you full hands free control of the screen
reader. Dragon does give you full hands free control of the pc.

Can Dragon open applications such as email and Word?
PL] Yes. This is a dragon function. You say "start microsoft word" for
instance to start word. To launch e-mail, you say "start outlook" or "start
e-mail" I think.

Can you move through a list of emails or files in a folder with Dragon
PL] Yes. Right now, if using dictationBridge, you say "press down arrow" or
"press right arrow" or "press up arrow" to move through a list depending on
what keys you press on the keyboard to navigate through the list.
If this info is in a document, where might I find it?
PL] You find most of this info in Dragon's help. You can find
dictationBridge commands by looking at the dictationBridge documentation.
The best thing to do with commands is to look at the Dragon command browser.


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