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Basically if you create a portable copy on the hard drive then copy the folder onto the cd, it will work but the same provisos are still true, ie no altering of settings that need to be saved or adding drivers which would need to be installed on the host computer first.
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Actually I think that statement means that you can run it from a CD, but if you want to do that you need to run it from the installer, not the portable package that's created from tools>create portable copy.

On 9/9/2018 9:37 AM, Antony Stone wrote:
Section 3 of the documentation for NVDA says:

"If you wish to copy NVDA onto read-only media such as a CD, you should just
copy the download package. Running the portable version directly from read-
only media is not supported at this time."

So, you need to use a USB stick instead.



On Sunday 09 September 2018 at 15:33:05, Nancy Shackelford wrote:

I put this on a CD, but it won't work in my laptop, for which I need
voice to fix; audio got disabled; I hoped to use NVDA with my
TripleTalk device, but portable is not doing anything. Are there
special things to know about making a portable copy? Does it need to
be on a DVD instead of a CD? Any and all help appreciated.


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