Tentative Conference Agenda, Dates, Times, and Next Phase of Planning To Begin

Bhavya shah

Dear all,
After gathering feedback from all of you and making several
considerations, we have come up with a tentative conference agenda
with approximate average timings for each respective session:
First Day
• User General Chat Opener Forum (60 to 90 minutes) – The allocated
time for this session is flexible as this is meant as an NVDA user
networking and discussion session and content depends on what NVDA
aspect participants wish to raise or talk about.
• Switching from Other Screen Reader to NVDA (60 minutes) – The
allotted hour can be roughly divided into two equal time sections
(ultimately left up to the discretion of the presenters) where the
first half will be solely demonstration, and the latter half a Q & A
from listeners and participants to the presenters.
• Connecting and Contributing to the Larger NVDA Communities (30-45
minutes) – It is being imagined that this session will consist mostly
of explanations and a limited time period at the end will remain for Q
& A.
Second Day
• Asian Language TTS Support (45-60 minutes)
• Keynote Address (90-120 minutes) – This session will be the longest
one as maximum questions are expected during this period to actual
NVDA code authors and developers.

Between each session, there will be a break of 15-30 minutes to get
Teamtalk rooms tested and the speakers’ microphone functioning
verified, as well as to redirect users to appropriate Teamtalk rooms
and for other obvious reasons.
Duration of daily conferencing should not exceed four hours.

Two very preferable dates for the conference according to organizers
are the 25th and 26th of june or the 9th and 10th of July. The dates
will be fixed as per request and selection of session hosts and
speakers, but all of you can also freely caste in your votes if the
two proposed dates would work generally fine. Since we haven’t
received further notices of potential problems in participations from
Islamic folks, we are assuming that the last weekend of June as noted
above should also be sufficiently convenient despite on-going
religious observances.

If all the above sounds fine, please indicate so by replying and
sharing your comments. The next phase of conference planning is
inviting and recruiting speakers and presenters for various sessions.
Thanks for your continued interest and enthusiasm towards this
continental NVDACon!

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
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