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Well all I know is that Flash will be history in a couple of years time. Adobe say so
Most sites use html5 so do not know what the implication is for links from bloggs, but youtube are trying hard to monitories their platform by forcing adverts you cannot remove etc, who knows.
If its live you want then somebody told me that periscope on twitter now do voice only live streaming.
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Subject: [nvda] Semi-topical: a blog that does accessible Youtube videos?

Hi all. I'm asking this here because, in terms of the accessibility, this does relate to NVDA, and other screen readers too. I use Firefox and Chrome but ideally I'd like this to work with everything.

I'm thinking of starting a blog, and especially at first, it will be a bunch of Youtube videos and possibly some playlists. I've got a blog on and Blogger too I think, but I can't remember what they do for this. Basically, I want a blog that either just posts links you can click on yourself, or where the embedded Youtube player is accessible. I've tried a couple before, maybe Blogger and Posterus when it was active, and I'm pretty sure for both of them the embedded videos started out being accessible, and then that went away. Like I mean for me anyway, the embedded flash thingies just stopped showing up in the posts, it was like "here's an example of a crashing motorcycle. OK next here's an example of a broken waffle iron".

I know Wordpress has some accessibility stuff, well I hear it does, but I can never keep track of whether or not any of that is for or if I have to try to run my own copy of Wordpress, which I'd really like to avoid if at all possible. I mean, I'll do it if I have to, I've done it before quite a few years ago, but I'd really rather not. In fact ideally, I know you can do this with anyway, I'd like to just be able to email my posts in and then possibly log in and manipulate tags and such if I have to, and just have the videos show up as working things. I prefer to Blogger, but honestly I haven't messed with either blog in quite a while. But I've got an interesting idea now, well I think it's interesting anyway even if nobody else probably does, so if there are settings I can go mess with in there, that would be great.

Oh speaking of, is there an accessible theme? Right now the one I have keeps trying to scroll new posts in and it makes everything crazy slow and practically unusable. I'd really like something with X posts per page and page links, if it's there. If there's a FAQ or such that answers all of my questions, I'll happily do my own reading, just point me in the right direction. I just have no idea what to search for, on either question, so I thought I'd ask here because somebody probably knows.

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