Brian - Portable copy of NVDA not working on laptop

Nancy Shackelford

I wish it were as simple as this, but I'm glad to know this about a
keyboard such as yours. Some dummy (who shall remain nameless) turned
off the Toshiba audio, thinking it could just be re-enabled the same
way, but this didn't work. I finally figured out that the Windows
audio service must've been disabled at the point of disabling the
Toshiba audio, so things should work again when I get someone to go in
and enable that and check in the start page to be sure the other audio
stuff is enabled.

Thanks to everyone,


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Thing is as I said at the start, if this is a simple as a turned off or
muted sound it could be that if your keyboard has 'extra' keys, one of those

is a mute unmute toggle.It most certainly is on this logitech wireless
keyboard which had be going for a while when the keyboard fell on the floor

and turned the sound off!
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