Re: NVDA’s compatibility with the Braille Me Braille display from NBP?

Gerardo Corripio

Exactly. That’s the one. Thanks a lot for thks info!

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El 10/09/2018, a la(s) 1:36 a. m., Christo de Klerk <> escribió:

Is the Braille Me from NBP that you are referring to the same as the Braille Me from Innovision in India? If so, then yes, they have created an add-on for it which makes it work very well with NVDA.

If you are interested, I have created an e-mail list for the BrailleMe to which you can subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to:

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On 2018/09/10 04:39 AM, Gerardo Corripio wrote:
Anyone have used, or knows if the Braille Me display from National Braille Press, is compatible at this time with NVDA? If so, what’s the process for this because my student hooks her up to her Windows10 computer via USB; does NVDA+N to get into the NVDA menu; P for Preferences, and B for Braille. She gets to the list of compatible Braille displays, but the Braille Me doesn’t appear to be within! Where could she download the drivers, or what might the problem be? She was told by the folks at npb THAT nvda IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE BEFORE-MENTIONED DISPLAY. THANKS FOR ANY INFO YOU GUYS COULD GIVE ON THE MATTER.

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