Re: Reading table attributes on the web automatically

Joshua Tubbs

Yes, they're set and they are not reading.

Also, with Core Exiles blind mode on, there are alt tags associated
with links that NVDA is not reading.

Is there a way, I can choose, say, like with jaw's insert V, how
attributes are read? Because they're labeled.

On 9/6/18, Cearbhall O'Meadhra <> wrote:

Have you tried setting the Row/column headers announcement under "Tables" in
the "Document formatting" Settings dialog which you open using
NVDA+control+d? You can also get to this under settings>Document Formatting
in the preferences menu.

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Hello everyone,
Is there any way I can have NVDA read not just, say, a number or numbers
within colomns or rows, but the whole thing?

I'm playing Core Exiles and NVDA is just reading the number of fuel I have,
rather than saying fuel 700, it just says 700 and I have to remember what
each item is in the table as I go down the table and it goes from row to

Thanks all. If I have to read tables differently rather than just down/up
arrowing through it and switch from row/colomn using table shortcuts that's
okay, was just curious if there were multiple ways.

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