Re: Getting to chat messages during a call in Skype for Windows 10.

Felix G.

I wonder why so many developers think tabbing around is our favorite
mode of navigation. It's good for familiarizing ourselves with
something, but as the only way of getting around it's inefficient. For
any sighted dev lurking here, it's like having to click every button
in between where focus is and where you'd like it to be. You would
start hating it after some time. ;)
Am Di., 11. Sep. 2018 um 02:11 Uhr schrieb John Isige <gwynn@...>:

Oh huh! Maybe I'll try that then. If you figure it out that would be
great but I kind of started using the app because I didn't think you
could use the desktop version after 7. The other big thing I don't like
about the app is that if I don't get to the notifications in time, like
if I'm away from the computer, it leaves this window up that just says
"new notification" and I can't get rid of it. So it kind of messes with
switching apps and stuff, or if I close an app instead of going right to
the desktop I have to hit win-m because I'm in the new notification
window. Other than that it doesn't seem too bad, I have to open it if I
want to write longer messages but I've been dealing with that OK. Being
able to write shorter messages right from the notification is kind of
handy really.

On 9/10/2018 17:42, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

Ok i have both on this computer but only using the skype 8.2 version
which is the desk top version. I will log out of that one and have a
look back in the other one to see.

Gene nz

On 11/09/2018 10:37 AM, John Isige wrote:
"Please note, this is Skype for Windows 10, not Skype 8." So yeah, not
Skype 8.2, but the app version for Windows 10. I'm pretty sure Windows
10 won't let you run the not app version, at least the last time I
tried downloading and installing 8, it told me I'd have a better
experience if I installed from the Microsoft store and gave me an OK
button, and that's it. I could go back to 7 since they seem to be
keeping it around, but I'm really trying to get used to whatever
Microsoft wants me to use so I don't have to worry so much about
what's maybe being killed when and then oh no it turns out that was
wrong and so on.

On 9/10/2018 17:28, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

Is it the app version which is on windows 10? or the skype 8.2 desktop

Gene nz

On 11/09/2018 10:04 AM, John Isige wrote:
Hey all. Ran into something today for the first time. I was in a call
with somebody and wanted to send them a link in a chat. Skype kept
telling me that call controls were shown. There was an option to hide
the chat, but no way that I could tell to get into the area where I
could type a message. Tabbing through the buttons there was an area
where NVDA read nothing and I thought that might be it, but it turned
out not to be. So how do I get to where I can type/send a link in a
chat to the person I'm in a call with? I checked the hotkeys and I
don't see anything that immediately jumps out at me as relevant.
Please note, this is Skype for Windows 10, not Skype 8.

Funnily enough I was trying to send them a link to the NVDA basic
training. I ended up emailing them instead which was good because I
sent them a bunch of other links too. Still, I'd like to know how to
be able to do that when in a call. I assume it's possible. There are
also other functions, e.g. sending a file, that I couldn't get to
either, e.g. with tab. The set of controls on the screen was pretty

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