Re: A security change in Chrome you would be wise to correct

Ervin, Glenn

With regards to Chrome,

Has anyone else had ads popping up when Chrome is open?

After I close Chrome, I have to bring up the task manager and close several more instances of it to keep the pop-up ads from happening.

Chrome loads itself with multiple instances for more stability, each instance for a different process.

But I have gone through settings and seemingly turned off anything related to pop-ups and notifications, and it still happens.




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Subject: [nvda] A security change in Chrome you would be wise to correct


Given the increasing popularity of Chrome among blind users, this article from Kim Komando is important.  The Chrome designers are implementing a change which is very bad for security, dumbing down the product for asthetics.  Let's hope the protests from security experts and others cause them to remember that they are not supposed to do harm, as part of their founding principles.


See this article:



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