Re: Getting to chat messages during a call in Skype for Windows 10.


Well and there is my issue, to be honest, its probably just that bit more anoying because skype is not my main business mainstay.

Skype7 keeps asking me to update it even with settings changed.

Right now I just won't use skype till it becomes accessible, stable, or I need it.

That does mean I will haveĀ  to turn down some international business but so what.

Its not that hard for me to boykot skype and so I will before I get started on it again.

I want a stable, accessible and usable skype, skype classic is that version.

I barely needed it and if I am going to start needing it as a matter of a job I need to know it will continue to work.

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And yet they are saying they are not stopping supporting it in a press release some days back. Do the left and right hand know what they are doing I wonder.
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To be honest as part of a possible job I tried to get my head around the skype 8 interface, but I never know where I am and to be honest its a large kludge of buttons.

I really think microsoft just needs to have a way we can use the skype classic interface in skype 8 to be honest either that or just leave 7 always up.

The download link for 7 has gone from their website but oh well.

On 9/11/2018 10:04 AM, John Isige wrote:
Hey all. Ran into something today for the first time. I was in a call with somebody and wanted to send them a link in a chat. Skype kept telling me that call controls were shown. There was an option to hide the chat, but no way that I could tell to get into the area where I could type a message. Tabbing through the buttons there was an area where NVDA read nothing and I thought that might be it, but it turned out not to be. So how do I get to where I can type/send a link in a chat to the person I'm in a call with? I checked the hotkeys and I don't see anything that immediately jumps out at me as relevant. Please note, this is Skype for Windows 10, not Skype 8.

Funnily enough I was trying to send them a link to the NVDA basic training. I ended up emailing them instead which was good because I sent them a bunch of other links too. Still, I'd like to know how to be able to do that when in a call. I assume it's possible. There are also other functions, e.g. sending a file, that I couldn't get to either, e.g. with tab. The set of controls on the screen was pretty limited.


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