Re: Chinese keyboard layout problem on Windows 7

Quentin Christensen

Firstly, I found this regarding the original problem of control+space being hooked by the Chinese lanugage:

And for the second question about what control+space otherwise does, when you are in File Explorer or Windows Explorer, as you arrow through the files in a directory, you can selection files that are next to each other by holding down shift and using the arrows (or home or end etc) - this way you can move a number of files at once.

If the files you want to move aren't next to each other, you can still do this by holding down control, using the arrow keys to move through your files and pressing spacebar (thus control+space) to toggle whether each file is selected or not.

Once you have selected the files you want, you can copy, move, delete them etc.

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On Mon, May 30, 2016 at 9:39 AM, Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <> wrote:
Hi, I am chinese user, though not from China.
I don't understand what do you mean by ctrl and space to select from the list?

Marco Oros 於 30/5/2016 2:54 寫道:

I don't know, where to post this problem, but I know, that there are some users also from China (Mainland), which uses a Chinese keyboard.

But, I have a problem.

I don't know, how to use a similar shortcut, like a ctrl+space to select some items in the list. Because this shortcut is used to switch between Chinese and English keyboard, when You have added a Chinese keyboard.

Please, how do I resolve this problem?

Thank You!

Marco Oros

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