Re: Skype and navigation, I see no headings and so on.

John Isige

Thanks, that helps a lot! I still don't know how to close the chat though. So I still have all the messages and the edit field and such up from when I sent a message to somebody. Can't you make that go away? Escape doesn't seem to do it and there's no close button that I can see. Also, how do you answer a call? The only method you give is setting answering to automatic, which I don't want to do.

On 9/11/2018 16:08, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

headings are not in every part of skype only in certain sections.

to jump around the screen you will need to be in browse mode so you can
use nvda quick navigation keys.

If you are interested there is a written tutorial or a audio one that
covers the basics of skype 8 on my nvda tutorials for other programs
page. It is for the desk top version it should give you a idea of what
to expect.

The alt + 1 key and alt + 2 keys i use a lot. I mostly audio chat.

But will give you a idea of the layout.

Gene nz

On 12/09/2018 8:52 AM, John Isige wrote:
So I just installed Skype 8 because I figure I can always go back to
the app version if I don't like it. It must have had my credentials
stored from the app version because it signed me in right away after
it got done with setup. Here's the screen I see, tabbing through it.

Chats", which is tab one of four, it informs me I have no unread

Sort by time, which is a menu. New chat, which is also a menu. Then I
get a list of chats, and if I arrow through them, it reads like this:
"person 1, button, some of the message to person 1 and if it's long
enough, if I arrow to the next line, more of the message to person 1
as a button and so on, person2 and message as a button, Etc."

Continuing with tab, a start tutorial button, A check account link,
"my info, active" which is a button, my skype username also as a
button, a "more options" menu, "search skype" which is a button, and
"use dialpad", which is also a button.

Did I do something wrong? Where are all of these headings and edit
fields and such? I looked in settings but I didn't really see anything
about appearance or accessibility or what have you. I thought maybe it
was in the list of chats, but no web commands work there either. Focus
mode makes no difference. It just doesn't seem to be a web-like
interface at all. It's certainly different from the app version, but
nothing like what I expected from people's descriptions. This is an
install of "Skype-", right from I can
arrow around in the list of chat messages and select with the normal
Windows commands, that's nice. The window is just titled Skype but
when I alt-tab to it, it says "Skype preview document", which seems to
imply that NVDA thinks it's not your ordinary window.

I assume if I hit enter and/or space on anything labelled "button" in
the chat list it will open that specific conversation so I can see
more than just the most recent message. Yep, and in there, I get
headings for days. But I can't figure out how to close the chat,
escape didn't work, nor did ctrl-F4, and alt-F4 just closed the Skype
window, but it should still be running in the background, because I
told it to in settings. Yep, it says it's in the system tray anyway.
The duplicated messages are kind of weird, if I arrow up through the
chat it has a message, then a profile button, then the message again.

Anybody got any tips? I can navigate it but the web stuff doesn't seem
to be working, except in a specific conversation, and like I said, I
can't figure out how to close the conversation I opened. I'm sure I'll
do more dumb stuff with it later.

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