Re: NVDA 2018.3rc1 espeak problem with Russian language.

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I saw this mentioned on the Espeak list. I'd imagine other languages might be the same as well. I did not fully understand the problem as you say because I do not speak the language.

I think you need to raise a ticket on nvdas gather site for this as I doubt anyone will see it here.
In the meantime, speech player in Espeak is still downloadable as an add on and is an older version of Espeak but I cannot comment on how it affects Russian obviously, but the same variants are there.
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA 2018.3rc1 espeak problem with Russian language.

hello, i am from russia and i using espeak. in changelog i noticed that the synthesizer was updated. unfortunately because of the update, some words and prepositions were pronounced very strange. I can not explain it to people who do not know Russian, but it sounds unpleasant.
is it possible to not update the synthesizer in the release, or to find the source of the problem?
Sincerely, Alexander.

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