Re: Brailliant Bi32 display and NVDA

Antony Stone

What problem do you have when you do enter these commands? What goes wrong?


On Wednesday 12 September 2018 at 22:27:58, Claire Potter wrote:

Hi all, I have recently started to use a Brailliant BI32 display, however I
would like some help with the following please. I want to know what the
NVDA support is like, as upon first impressions I am quite shocked at how
limited it is, bearing in mind that I want to execute common Windows
commands using the Braille display. I am talking about commands such as
pressing control to stop speech temporarily, commands such as alt+f4, and
in fact any commands which involve the function keys, along with commands
such as control+home and control+end, page up, page down, etc. Can anyone
help please? Warm regards, Claire Potter
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