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To go one step further with that, if you never want column and row headings reported in say Firefox, but do want them in Excel, you can use "configuration profiles" to do it.

1. Set NVDA up how you "normally" want it.
2. Open the program you want setup differently (eg Firefox)
3. Choose "Configuration profiles" from the NVDA menu, or press NVDA+control+p.
4. Press alt+n to create a new profile
5. Press tab to move to "Use this profile for".
6. Press the right arrow to select the "Current application (Firefox)" radio button.
7. Press enter to create the profile (the name that we left blank between steps 4 and 5 is automatically filled in with the program name - Firefox in this case).
8. In Firefox, make any changes, such as turning off reporting of row and column headers.

Now that the profile is setup, any changes you make to most NVDA settings while that program is the active window, are saved to its profile (eg, changing keyboard echo, the speech rate, punctuation or even synthesizer).

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This is just a bit of information for those who don’t know.


When one reads information on Wikipedia, NVDA repeats the row and column headers by default.  This can be annoying when trying to read tables of information in browse mode, therefore, use the following steps to switch off row and column headings in NVDA:


  • Press NVDA+Ctrl+D to go to the “Document and Formatting” dialog. (NVDA key = Insert, numpad 0 or Capslock depending on the setting)
  • Press Alt+E twice to go to “row and Column headings”.
  • Press the Spacebar to check or uncheck the checkbox.
  • Enter to apply this setting.


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