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Well to be honest, if you can sync stuff to itunes your itunes media folder is accessible, you can use that to pull things like music, etc to your drive or phone, you can probably use narator to import data to.

There is sincios but I am not sure about accessibility probably isn't.

But if this is only an nvda issue and it not seeing the window well who knows.

I don't know about other versions but some others can try, as far as I know, itunes 12.9 is the same as the universal app now, so in theory we have 1 module to handle, we get this with 1 of them we get both.

Itunes itself isn't that bad of the last couple versions, sure its clunky but so is outlook.

The thing is store and their apple music subscription.

You can get apps like contacts backup and if you can backup to the cloud and use icloud for windows it will work ok I guess, icloud has some inaccessible screens but you can get where you need to go easily enough with a bit of fiddling.

Contacts can be backed up to icloud and with programs like my contacts backup and you can dropbox the resultant file.

If you use something like google calendar for calendars that will be fine.

As for data since all apps store a lot in the cloud there is probably nothing you'd really need bar contacts.

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In this case then, as we are about to get a new version of nvda, it would be worth raising an issue on the current rc, in case its a simple fix inside nvda. It could be something has regressed and has not been spotted, anyone tried it with an older version of nvda?
I threw I tunes out. Seriously though, if I were to get an Apple phone, is there any alternative to the apple product to allow access to theĀ  info on the phone other than maybe dropboxing everything?
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Well if its an nvda issue maybe we can get an addon for this, it seems to be limited to the main window not being able to be seen that includes message boxes like dialogs, it doesn't cover menus, dialogs or property pages.

I have not heard anything from dolphin so I have to assume nvda is the only one with the issue.

It does appear that itunes universal app and itunes desktop use the same interface now.

But yeah its a shame really.

Luckily I don't need to touch the server databases, thank god they are sorted out now, now as long as I never need to reformat the server or keep the databases backed up then I have no issue, technically as long as the data drive continues to function we shouldn't ever loose any data at all but still it is a pain.

For now I can probably make it with narator.

It will work I do hope well enough to sync/ backup/ update the iphone I have for my aunt, which is about the only thing I use itunes for.

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