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anthony borg

Dear inamuddin,

Could you please tell me what’s the shortcut to answer a call on that latest version you sent me of the skype?

Thanks in advance



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Respected sir, first of all, Classic Skype is still working.

Secondly, as far as the latest Skype is concern, it is Skype

For the sake of tutorial,

Go to youtube and type Skype electron-inamuddin

you will find my tutorial!

With regards from Inamuddin with the Skype ID:



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From: anthony borg
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Hello folks

As the old version of skype stopped running, even the shortcuts that we used to use aren’t any longer used for other new versions.

If there is someone that is using one of the latest skype version for pc. I would be very greatful if he send me the version number and the shortcuts to use it please, I really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance


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Subject: skype new version


One tricky thing I find with Emoji is that different platforms have different icons for them so things can look quite different.  Sometimes I hear NVDA describe an emoji and my first reaction is "Really? Is THAT was that thing is meant to be?"





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I just hope people do not start putting them onto these emails.
I can of course hear them if I use Espeak latest version but the effect seems not to work on all synths. I have no idea even with the descriptions what the  idea of the actual imogees are. I can tell a smiley but that is about the  sum of what I ever used, being a text only junkie! Brian

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Hi Paul,

Press WINDOWS+. or WINDOWS+; to open the emoji panel, then either right
arrow through the items in the current section, press tab to move to the
sections and arrows to choose a new section, or start typing to search for
emoji, eg "cake"
🍰, "Smiling" or "firetruck" 🚒 (as with many other
search fields, you don't necessarily have to type the full thing - I typed
"fire" to narrow the results down to a handful to get the fire truck).

Press ENTER to insert your chosen emoji, and escape to close the panel.



On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 5:16 AM, P. Otter <pam.otter@...> wrote:

and can you tell me, how can I create an emoticon while emoticons add-on
is disabled?
i think it is very good possible that you're right!
please help.
thanks in advance!
paul otter

Op 12-9-2018 om 18:26 schreef Chris via Groups.Io:

Try disabling or removing the emoticon add-on see if that helps any, as
nvda now supports emoticons itself

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*Subject: *[nvda] problems with nvda2018.3rc1

best forum members,

I have downloaded the nvda 2018.3 rc1 and put it into use.

but I am not entirely positive, there is still something here and there.

Like, I have already experienced a number of times, that I used the

emoticon add-on, often it goes well but suddenly without any apparent

reason it gets stuck.

With alt tab I can then go back to the text where I wanted to place an


but it is not going well. Only after I have restarted nvda again can I

place an emoticon again.

are there more people who have the same problem?

with nvda 2018.2 I did not have these problems.

do I have to update the emoticon add-on?

is it available?

with a curious greeting

paul otter

Quentin Christensen
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Quentin Christensen
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