Re: Softwares to compose music for the blind

Giles Turnbull

I have a sort-of similar question. I used to play piano in my sighted days but mever memorised any of the music, prefering to read the score as I played. Now I can't read a score I can't remember much of those pieces.

I have PDF scores of a lot of piano music and wonder if there is any way that something like Muse Score could open a PDF and I could somehow figure out what notes are where? I'm thinking of chords with three or more notes across both hands, my ear being unable to figure them out by listening to a recording.

I'd love a means of converting a PDF or a midi file into a text from which I can determine the notes ... the durations are less important for me since I can remember how the pieces sound.

It's funny, I just asked a sighted friend for help with three notes in Chopin's first ballade which I was struggling to remember just this morning!

Thanks for any ideas (and no, I never learned to read Braille music)


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