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The trouble with using their access page is that you will get a cookie that is a pain to remove.
If you are happy with the access pages for your only Amazon page option, then going to the access page is okay, but I dislike the lack of detail on the access pages, and once you go there, you will never get back to a regular amazon page again, no matter how hard you try.
You will have to use a different browser or remove the access page cookie they put into your browser.
I wasted many hours figuring this out because no matter what I did, I could not ever get a normal Amazon page after going to the access site.

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I've also noticed this  issue lately. You might try www dot amazon dot com slash access. I've  written this out because my BrailleNote Touch doesn't always translate web addresses correctly. Anyway, I haven't tried buying a Kindle book using this  site, but I was able to order an Echo Dot today without any trouble so it's worth a looksee. Hope this helps.

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