Re: google domains configuration web site seems inaccessible

Rusty Perez

The frustrating thing is that I spoke to support people on the phone
and they were unable to actually do the tasks which I wanted to
accomplish. They said that for security reasons, they are unable to
log in to my account and perform any tasks on my behalf. This is only
slightly better than Hover who doesn't even have phone staff.
the girl on the phone suggested that I find a sighted family member to
help me out.
I didn't get irate, I just asked to speak to a persona in charge of
accessibility. Instead of putting me through, she filed a support
claim on my behalf.
I tried to make her understand the frustration I feel at not being the
level of support I am requesting.

Anyway, I can get this done, just not on my own apparently.

On 9/13/18, Ervin, Glenn <glenn.ervin@...> wrote:
I might add, if it takes assistance from a list for help getting through a
web page, for someone who has pretty good computer and screenreader skills,
then even if there is a non-basic solution that was later learned by help
from a list, I don't consider the page to be accessible.
I'm glad we can be here to offer assistance, but most Blind users struggle
to learn all the commands we teach them, and if these things are challenges
for those of us who can do just about all of it, then what hope is there for
the majority of screenreader users?


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It sure seems like more and more pages are becoming less accessible.
Seems like we are losing ground in the area of accessibility in this

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Hi folks,
I am trying to configure my web domain on google domains but while using
NVDA and Firefox, when I go to and log in, the tabs
appear, but when I navigate, for example, to the configure dns tab and press
enter, or nvda/numEnter the options which are supposed to appear don't seem
to be available to me with NVDA. I have not confirmed that they do appear on
the screen, all I know is that I cannot get to them using my conventional
methods, arrows or tab.

Any thoughts?


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