Re: Returns at don't work with screenreaders

Ervin, Glenn

Thanks, I will the next time I have a return.

That does not happen often, and maybe that is why Amazon hasn’t had a lot of complaints.




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Sounds like the same problem NVDA has with checking out/purchasing books on the site.  Maybe the same set of keystrokes will do the task.

Tab to the button, use the NVDA-numpad minus key to move the NVDA cursor to the button/link, then press NVDA-shift-numpad enter, and the button/link gets hit properly.  Give that a try and see if it works for you.



On 9/13/2018 10:50 AM, Ervin, Glenn wrote:


I’m on a Jaws list at home, and I sent this issue to this list, because I could not check an item for returns to, and no matter what I did, it would not work, and that is twice I have had to call their customer service about this to return an item, and they told me that the disability department will be notified, but nothing ever happens.

I tried it with both Jaws and NVDA and three different browsers.

I am more proficient with Jaws, so I’d like to know if maybe there is something I don’t know about NVDA that could have done this for me.

Here’s part of the thread explaining the problem, there is my message and one or two replies of Jaws users that could not do the same thing…



Jaws 2018, Windows 7 & IE.

I need to return an item, but I cannot because I cannot check the item.

I have moved to it with the X key and enter and space bar don't check it.

I tried insert + F5 and moved to it, and entering does not check it.

I try the continue button every time, in case it is checking it but not



I have tried the number pad mouse click and that does not work.

Any other ideas?



have you tried tabbing away and back to the checkbox.

sometimes the status of the box will be spoken if you do this after you

press enter or space bar on it.

have you tried tabbing around on the page after the virtual cursor is turned


sometimes if you start at the top of the screen and keep tabbing you will

land on the check box, edit box, combo box etc.



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If I toggle the PC cursor, there is no checkbox.


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Another wrote:

I just did this process a few minutes ago and had the same problem with the

check box.  I had my wife come up and help.  She said there was no check box

but a control with up and down pointers.  Using these pointers she was given

a list of choices for the return.  Once a choice was selected the continue

would work.  I detected no way Jaws could handle this function.




have you tried doing this with the virtual pc cursor off?;


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Subject: Can't Check An Item On

Finally, another wrote in that she cannot make it work for her and she too contacted customer service to do the transaction and she complained to deaf ears.






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