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Brian and all
I created a new account a few minutes ago.  I had no problems doing so.  You might not be so condescending and arrogant when a usually reliable member challenges an assertion you make.  You might discuss rather than disparage.  and that applies to anyone who challenges you, beginner, somewhat knowledgeable or very knowledgeable.

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I said what I know, based on years of seeing people ask for invitations on lists and successfully signing up.  I don't recall when I last saw such a conversation but I think it was somewhere between a year or two ago.  Sorry I had the unmitigated Gaul to disagree with your inerrancy.
If others agree with you, fine.  I'll take that into account and if there is good reason to do so, a number of people agreeing and no one disagreeing, or those who disagree seem to present weak reasons compared with those who agree, I shall consider that I may be wrong.  But I'm not just going to crumble into a quivering mass of doubt and concession just because you make a statement.
I'm perfectly willing to admit that I'm wrong when presented with good evidence.  Please present such evidence if there is a disagreement and I hope others present their evidence or experiences as well.
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         God only knows why your general stance is to say "black" when anyone else says "white," but it's as annoying as hell.

          I got an invitation from a member here in 2016.  I went through the registration process.  That's where the process stopped.  Nothing comes back.

          If anyone, and I do mean anyone, can complete a new account registration for Webvisum there are a very great many who would love to know how to do so.  I haven't seen a single example of success in several years and know that my own, following their instructions and getting an invitation from a member, went into the great bit bucket in the sky.


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