Re: Adobe Acrobat vs. QRead


LOL, not without waiting a year for the whole document to load, and that's with the preference in the reading settings changed to load entire document. What Adobe takes five minutes to do, QRead does in about ten seconds if that particular pdf is supported.


On 9/13/2018 4:02 PM, Mike Sedmak wrote:
Can you get it to work on documents that are 100's of pages? That's
where I found qread to be much better for searching.


On 9/13/18, JM Casey <> wrote:
That's a screen-reader command, but yes, that should work more nicely.

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Insert+ctrl+f works in Adobe.
At 01:54 PM 9/13/2018, you wrote:
The Adobe Acrobat find feature is weird and doesn't quite work nicely
with screen-readers in my experience.

You should have both Adobe and qRead on your system if you want, imo.
I like qRead mostly because it is fast as hell. If you set Adobe to
load the entire document, which is wise if you really want proper
functionality to work, but then try to open a really large file, you've
no doubt noticed how irritatingly long it takes to process.
qRead can do this in just a few seconds. So I like how small and snappy
it is by comparison.

However, sometimes you will just need the Adobe product instead.
qRead doesn't always seem to show document formatting properly. You
can't print from it if I remember right, and anyway, if formatting is
wanky, you wouldn't want to. You can't fill out forms. Etc, etc.

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I find that search works in qread but have trouble searching for text
in acrobat reader.

On 9/13/18, kelby carlson <> wrote:
I know that QRead is specifically designed for the blind, but are
there any advantages it has in reading PDFs that make it
significantly better than Adobe Acrobat with NVDA?

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