Re: problems with nvda2018.3rc1

P. Otter

hi, I've uninstalled the emoticon add-on.
but I still can not read emoticons anymore.
what can be wrong?
i'I've installed nvda 2018.3rc1 the emoticon add-on is completely removed and also after a reboot no emoticons will be red!
that was the reason to ask I can emoticons put on or off.
thanks in advance
paul otter

Op 13-9-2018 om 18:31 schreef Chris via Groups.Io:

Because the emoticon add-on you have installed conflicts with nvda 18.3

Either go back to 18.2 or remove the add-on as its not really required anymore

Until you have removed the add-on you are going to have the issue 😃



From: P. Otter
Sent: 13 September 2018 16:50
Subject: Re: [nvda] problems with nvda2018.3rc1


hi, please help me one mor times.
what you say was correct but how can I enable the emoji's
nvda 2018.3 rc1 don't read any emoji but i know it is possible.
 can I put it on or off somewhere and with which key combination does that have to be done?
thanks in advance

paul otter

Op 13-9-2018 om 02:14 schreef Quentin Christensen:

Hi Paul,


Press WINDOWS+. or WINDOWS+; to open the emoji panel, then either right arrow through the items in the current section, press tab to move to the sections and arrows to choose a new section, or start typing to search for emoji, eg "cake" 🍰, "Smiling" or "firetruck" 🚒 (as with many other search fields, you don't necessarily have to type the full thing - I typed "fire" to narrow the results down to a handful to get the fire truck).


Press ENTER to insert your chosen emoji, and escape to close the panel.






On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 5:16 AM, P. Otter <pam.otter@...> wrote:

and can you tell me, how can I create an emoticon while emoticons add-on is disabled?
i think it is very good possible that you're right!
please help.
thanks in advance!
paul otter

Op 12-9-2018 om 18:26 schreef Chris via Groups.Io:

Try disabling or removing the emoticon add-on see if that helps any, as nvda now supports emoticons itself



From: P. Otter
Sent: 12 September 2018 16:28
Subject: [nvda] problems with nvda2018.3rc1


best forum members,

I have downloaded the nvda 2018.3 rc1 and put it into use.

but I am not entirely positive, there is still something here and there.

Like, I have already experienced a number of times, that I used the

emoticon add-on, often it goes well but suddenly without any apparent

reason it gets stuck.

With alt tab I can then go back to the text where I wanted to place an


but it is not going well. Only after I have restarted nvda again can I

place an emoticon again.

are there more people who have the same problem?

with nvda 2018.2 I did not have these problems.

do I have to update the emoticon add-on?

is it available?

with a curious greeting

paul otter







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