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I think the thinking of Microsoft here, though a little muddled is that this protects people from accidentally setting it to unintelligible speeds, one can see the Microsoft slider as a max rate limiter for anything using the synth. However if you set nvda fast then use the Microsoft slider you can still give yourself a headache on the machine I tried it on grin.
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Hi Manish,

In Windows Text-to-speech settings (start typing text to speech settings in
the start menu) there is a slider for "speed". Move that further to the
right to increase the speech rate. Note that this setting as well as
NVDA's speech rate together both affect how fast the voice talks, so the
fastest speed would be both at max.



On Fri, Sep 14, 2018 at 2:08 PM, Manish Agrawal <> wrote:


I tried using the windows one core voice with NVDA today. I tried
increasing the rate of speech but even at 100% the rate was slower than I
would like.

The same voice, Microsoft David, can be set to a much faster rate when
using narrator. With narrator, I could get David to speak almost as fast as

Has anyone else noticed this and figured out a way around this?



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