Re: NeedEasiestWayToDiscoverMyError

Tyler Spivey

What happens when you try to activate edit boxes?
Try the obvious thing. NVDA menu, Reset configuration to factory defaults.
You'll keep your addons, but will have to reset a few of your speech

On 5/30/2016 8:06 AM, Bob J wrote:
It seems I must have mistakenly pressed a key combination which has
altered the behavior of my installed version of NVDA!

I was using NVDA version 2015.4 on my Win7, 64-bit machine to access

very successfully up to sometime last week.

Then, the next time I went to that access point, I could read the
display but I could not access edit boxes or activate buttons and
links. All attempts to do so were completely ignored.

Guessing that the Amazon web-site programmers had been tinkering again,
I thought that perhaps, if I updated to NVDA version 2016.1, it would
overcome some new condition on the web site. So, I updated, however,
the problem persists!

This morning, I used my XPPro machine, which is still running NVDA
version 2015.4, to access the above mentioned access point. Everything
there worked as it should! I suppose I could continue to use that
machine to access the Amazon site, however, that machine is much slower
than the Win7 machine.

Incidently, the WinXP machine is running InternetExplorer Version:
8.0.6001.18702. The Win7 machine is running InternetExplorer version 11
and FireFox's latest version, whatever that is. I experience the same
conditions described above on the Win7 machine with both of its browsers
even though it both of those browsers had been working fine previously.

So, I am convinced that the problem with NVDA's inability to properly
behave on the Win7 machine when accessing the Amazon access point is
unrelated to the version of NVDA or the version of the browsers.

The question is, therefore, what is the easiest way to identify which
key combination could I have pressed to cause the problem and what do I
need to do to undo the damage?

All helpful suggestions appreciated!


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