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Please ignore my previous email, it wasn't until I'd sent it that I read that a fix for the iTunes 12.9 issue has already been worked on and is part of NVDA 2018.3 RC3.
Many thanks to whoever worked on this fix, especially for being able to do it so quickly so that it could go into RC3. I don't usually download release candidates of NVDA, but I'm glad I did this time, to be able to use iTunes again without downgrading. What's more, I can now answer my own question about whether the fix for iTunes 12.9 works in Windows 7: it does, very well. Admittedly the layout of the new iTunes is a bit different, but once I'd signed in and found my library, everything worked fine there.
Bye for now, and thanks again to the NVDA developers for all their good work!
From Clare

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Wow joseph and all, that was a really quick fix, itunes uia works now
its just like it was.

For now I have loaded rc3 on the effected machines and it works.

Its good this came out during an near update cycle.

What was actually wrong and did my descriptions help at all.

Its good that all things work as expected though.

I have all my systems on the latest itunes now.

Thanks for promptly fixing.

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