the latest virtual audio cable software to work with nvda

Sue J. Ward

Hello. I was wondering what is the latest version of the virtual audio cable software to work with NVDA and I did go to the website and could not get that to launch which is version 43 and I tried an older version think it was 15 I did install that version and I had to get my husband who is sighted to completely uninstall the older version to get my sound back that is so weird how when the computer restarted the sounds were disabled. So he had to uninstall the older version 15 and I got my sound back. I did install the add on but is there another program that would work in recording music or whatever from the computer that does work with NVDA I did try audacity but no luck there. How about gold wave and since am on windows 10 with the latest update from the spring 2018 update to the current version what would work as to what I have it is getting harder to find anything that is accessible. So any help would be awesome. Thank you.
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