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Audacity does work, but you need to set the preferences.
1, Open Audacity,
2, press the alt key,
3, arrow right to edit and then up to preferences , press enter,
4, you land on a list and the top one is devices, if you don't land on
this presshome or up arrow until you do,
press tab, you land on the host, the top one is what you want, it's
called MMe, but NVDA announces it as Madam,focus on this ,
5, press tab again and you land on your playback device, probably only
one unless you have other things plugged into your computer,
6, press tab again and you land on the list of recording devices, up and
down arrow and, if you have "stereo mix" focus on it and tab to OK and
press enter, if you don't have stereo mix, shift and tab bafk to the
list of hosts and choose Windows WA sappie, tab on to the recording
devices and choose Speakers loop back, tab on to OK and press enter.

In either of these cases you will be set for recording any sound you can
hear on your speakers or headphones, it used to be called "what you
hear", so it's probably best to do as Brian suggests and mute the system
sounds, it will also record your screen reader, so just use the
keystrokes mentioned below to record, pause etc.

To start recording, press the letter R,
to pause and resume press the letter P, to stop recording press the
space bar and to play back press the space bar again.

To save the track, use the Export item in the file menu, if you use save
as you will save the project in Audacity format.
This all sounds a lot, but in practice it's only a few keystrokes and,
once set, the settings will remain until you change them.

Good luck.


Best Regards, Jim.

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Hello. I was wondering what is the latest version of the virtual audio
cable software to work with NVDA and I did go to the website and could
not get that to launch which is version 43 and I tried an older version
think it was 15 I did install that version and I had to get my husband
who is sighted to completely uninstall the older version to get my sound
back that is so weird how when the computer restarted the sounds were
disabled. So he had to uninstall the older version 15 and I got my sound
back. I did install the add on but is there another program that would
work in recording music or whatever from the computer that does work
with NVDA I did try audacity but no luck there. How about gold wave and
since am on windows 10 with the latest update from the spring 2018
update to the current version what would work as to what I have it is
getting harder to find anything that is accessible. So any help would be
awesome. Thank you.
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