Re: Nvda misbehaves

farhan israk

I dont face this problem in chrome only but also in other programs. I don't use any other browser accept chrome.

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Is this only in Chrome or in other browsers as well? Sounds like its not
reading the keys.

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Subject: [nvda] Nvda misbehaves

> I'm using Windows 10 1803, nvda 2018.2.1. Sometimes, nvda misbehaves.
> First
> it reads first item. Then it reads second and so on. Whatever I press zich
> as aero keys, tab nvda doesn't skip reading first item and reads second
> item. I have to wait until it completing reading first item. After
> completing reading first item, it reads second item. How to fix it?
> Sometimes unless I restart computer aero key doesn't work. Nvda response
> lately in chrome.

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