Re: Deleting comments in word

Quentin Christensen

Hi Sociohack,

What you've found is a shortcoming in Word rather than NVDA.  While you would expect to be able to interact with the comment from the context menu, the option just isn't there.

The shortcut to get to the next (or current) comment to edit it, is alt+r, n.



On Sat, Sep 15, 2018 at 1:33 PM Sociohack AC <acsociopath@...> wrote:
When i locate a comment in word and press the application key to interact with it, no option regarding editing or deleting the comment shows up. however, if I do the same while positioning the cursor in the comment frame itself, using the review ribbon in word, the options are available. In brief, my context menu, which appears after pressing the application key, doesn't show the option for editing or deleting the comment. I have crossed checked the mark ups are visible in the document and are even identified by NVDA.
anybody facing the similar issue? Any suggestion is welcome.

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