Re: help with pagedown key


Hmmm firstly remove your keyboard, and put another one in, could be a dirty keyboard.

Now some keyboards can be cleaned but if its got a problem you may have to replace it.

Some keyboards like my gaming board can get issues, and I just do a reflash of the firmware and it works again.

You may have a virus but that could be more than a key, a program or addon may need updating.

Your windows computer may need to be reformatted because windows is breaking and a good reformat will stop it being broken, note, windows will still break from time to time forcing you to reformat to get it working but don't try to fix it, the real errors are hard for me to fix,.

On 9/17/2018 3:45 PM, Adel Spence wrote:
hello. my computer thinks i'm pressing my pagedown key, but i'm not! but, the key still works! this time, I think i'm skrood! please help me!

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