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I have Windows ten and a real tech soundcard, it has stereo mix, but, if
you follow my set up details for WA sappie, all should work,
Just to repeat, press the Alt key and then right arrow to edit, up to
preferences and press enter, make sure you are on Devices in the list
and tab, if you are sure you don't have stereo mix then down arrow to
Windows WA sappie and tab twice to the recording list, choose speakers
loop bac, tab to OK and press enter, mine works fine.

If you are interested I am in the process of doing a remake of my
Audacity articles on Talking computers magazine, at the moment I am
covering recording.
The address is,

It is the latest articles from this year, not the older archive, that
will cover the subject of recording.

Best Regards, Jim.

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I bought a y cable for the computer cause in the audacity manual it
said you can go from the line in port to the headphone jack then the
other part of the cable am going to hook up to the headphones. I have to
set it up this way since I can hear what I am recording through audacity
and I tried other methods so far nothing has worked hope this will solve
it. I have the windows wasapi in audacity program under preferences in
that section I have it set to speakers and speakers loop back so far
nothing. Hope when I get it working I can use the line in mode to get a
good recording in audacity. I want to hear what I am recording through
the computer so that is why I bought the y cable. I even plugged in the
microphone did get sound mainly my voice it is not what I want and I
even disabled the line in and the microphone when in audacity, still
nothing. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it. It is tricky but I know
I can get it done.
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