Re: itunes version 12.9 does it include the app store?

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IOS12 is being offered from today I believe according to what I'm told, being the ludite I am I have no iphone!

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Well the latest itunes business is 12.6.5 now but yeah, anything over 2.6 will not have the app store though you can manage apps on your device.

At some point you will have to update itunes because while your version of itunes supports up to ios11 apple does not say if that will include future versions so at some point it may not work correctly.

On 9/17/2018 5:15 AM, Sue J. Ward wrote:
Hello. I am still using iTunes version which is an old version since I do like the app store and am still on version in the IOS platform 10.3 have not updated since I know the iTunes version think it is version 12.6.3 does have a feature that has the app store which I like. I still want to keep everything I have on my PC heard about version 12.9 working with NVDA is the app store included in this version or not? I do have an itouch 6 and do not have wi-fi how would I upgrade with out losing anything? Have heard about version 12 in the IOS platform and I know in order to upgrade everything you have to back up stuff so the only thing am wondering how are people going to do all of this using NVDA?
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