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anthony borg

Hi sera

Is it possible to contact you off list please?

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Do we have wording from the developers that this will happen? I do agree this should be a part of nvda as it is used for troubleshooting or training purposes. I want proof that the developers said this as they have ben silent on the whole thing, remember?

On 16 Sep 2018, at 8:48, Florian Ionașcu wrote:

Hello everyone!
As we know, the current version of NVDA Remote is incompatible with NVDA. As I’ve heard, a new with version of this add-on will be available once NVDA 2018.3 is released. In order to avoid this kind of issues in the future, I suggest you to include this add-on in NVDA. This suggestion comes from the entire Romanian community of NVDA. I, like all members in the Romanian community, think that it would be a great thing that NV Access can doMaybe it’s hard to do, but it’s very useful for NVDA users.


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