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Antony Stone

I too am subscribed by email, and I *never* see a "Reply to Sender" link (or
even reference) on any messages on this list.

I imagine that it's possible that if people are using certain webmail systems,
this may get shown, but I'm simply pointing out that it's not safe to assume
that the way one person sees information *about* emails is the same for

Obviously, the content of each message should be seen the same by everyone
(except for the few people I see here who somehow end up posting HTML messages
labelled as plain text, so all some recipients get is a very difficult-to-read
mixture of words and HTML markup tags), but the information *about* messages
(such as what the original sender's address is) is much more controlled by
your own email client or other method of reading the messages, and therefore
cannot be assumed to be the same for everyone.


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I think though that if you take certain decisions if you subscribe via the
site and not via email you can make it that your personal email or a link
to it is not actually displayed in a clickable way
Mine should be seen as I subbed by email.
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At the end of each and every individual message you receive from
there is a link, "Reply to Sender," that will allow you to initiate
off-list contact with the person who wrote the message.

It is a mailto link that gets handed to your e-mail client and will
automatically populate the To field with the e-mail address and the subject
with, "Private:," followed by the title of the original message on the


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