Web Browsers' Security And Compatibility With NVDA

Jolene Cardenas

Hello everyone,

Since I'm a Hadley School For The Blind student, taking online courses
for my Adult Continuing Education degree, I totally depend on NVDA to
work with my Web browser in order to complete schoolwork successfully.
However, on several occasions in late 2015, I ran in to technical
difficulties with assignment submission for one of my online classes
because of Firefox incompatibility issues on the school's assignment
submission webpage.
I contacted Tech Support and, to my horror, they recommended that I go
back to using Internet Explorer in order to do my schoolwork.
Although I had used IE for as long as I can remember, I had stopped
using it because of this article (among many others):

Millions of Windows users to face MAJOR security issues within weeks

Then when I got my new Asus laptop in February which runs Windows 10,
I read an article that said that NVDA wasn't compatible with Microsoft
Edge (See below for the link).

NVDA and Windows 10

Unsure which browser I should use then, I immediately returned to
using Firefox and attempted to submit a homework assignment to Hadley
through its usage, only to run in to the same technical difficulties
with assignment submission again!

Undoubtedly, the school's Tech Support will urge me to switch back to
using IE again, but I admit I'm afraid to because of what I had read
in the above article about this browser.
I'm also fully aware that if I was to chat with somebody at
Microsoft's Disability Answer Desk at:


they would try to push me to use Edge as my browser in spite of its
incompatibility with NVDA.

This situation's so frustrating for me, because I so badly want to
submit my coursework ASAP!

Can anyone using Windows 10 and NVDA please recommend a browser to me?
Thank you so much, for you have no idea how much I would appreciate
your recommendation!



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