Re: contact you off list

Antony Stone

Okay, there I do see "Reply to Group" and also the "Reply to Sender" link
which you were talking about. It just isn't on the NVDA list (thanks for your
other confirmations that you don't find it either now, for whatever reason).

In reply to your other question, though, I did not see the quoted footers you
tried to post, however since it was just your confirmation that what we'd been
talking about wasn't there, I don't mind not seeing it :)



On Monday 17 September 2018 at 18:22:32, Brian Vogel wrote:


It's getting even better, and I may have discovered a bug. I
received the individual messages from Glenn Ervin regarding the roadkill
website and the disk writing software while my "individual message"
subscription was still in force. Both of those contained the following
footer: ------------------------- Links:

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Notice that the standard " footer cluster" that includes the
"Reply to sender" link is right after, " Links: You receive all
messages sent to this group. " Yet this was not the case on your
original message asking for a copy of the footer, which contained:

This is just plain weird.

I've sent a verbatim copy of this message along with a preface to
support, as I cannot imagine that the standard footers should not either
be consistently included, or excluded, from a message footer. Coming and
going is just not functional. --

Please apologise my errors, since I have a very small device.

Please reply to the list;
please *don't* CC me.

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