Re: Hello Everyone

Damien Garwood <damien@...>

Hi Jenny,
Fact is, I didn't invite you...I just informed you of its existence and helped you sign up. The list is open to everyone. In any case, I love nothing better than to help people and see them settled and happy in whatever they want to do, and so it was a pleasure. Welcome to the list.
There are over a thousand members here all looking for new ways to make NVDA dance to their tune as it were, and so you will see a fair few messages covering a very wide range of topics.
I'm sure if you have any questions about NVDA, and that can be anything from configuration to software cooperation, chances are there'll likely be someone on this list who works in that kind of area who can help you.
Anyways. Enough rambling from me. All's left to say from my side is, hope you find the list useful as I do.

On 17/09/2018 02:08 PM, Jenny wrote:
My name is Jenny, and I'm from the U.S. I am new to this list. Thank you Damien for inviting me. I've been using NVDA for about two years and am very excited to learn more about how it works and about different add-ons. Thanks again, and I look forward to meeting you all and to learning a lot.

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