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Free-codecs seems pretty trustworthy, but I think I'll wait to download this til there is more info and/or a non-beta release.

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Still use Winamp and love it.
On 9/17/2018 6:04 PM, JM Casey wrote:
That is indeed interesting. Still using (and happy with) v5.666 on Windows 10. I'll definitely consider upgrading to a version 6 at some point if things go well.

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Subject: [nvda] winamp interesting news


Its not officially on their website or in fact twitter, but free-codecs has published a page on winamp 5.8 beta, indicating that v6 will be out later this year.

I don't know how these guys get the information before others do and while I havn't downloaded this version since its not official as such its worth mentioning anyway.

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