Re: vmware / vcenter and nvda?

Christian Schoepplein


On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 05:54:25PM -0400, Will Estes wrote:
When I login to our vcenter web site, I get an inaccessible flash
object under firefox.
What VMware Center are you using? AFAIK older versions are completely
unusable and inaccessible, but newer versions are not longer using flash
but html5, which is working better.

We are still using 6.5 and I am also not able to access our VMcenter,
but an update to 6.7 is planed and I hope things will get better.

Many things regarding managing VMs do not have be done via the
webinterface. If ssh is enabled on your VMcenter host and you can log
in you can use the command line. Also on nodes of an VMware cluster this
is possible. Also there is an apliance from VMware which can be used to
manage virtual machines via perl script or power shell, but I have to
find out more if you are interested.

So in conclusion the command line will help you much more then the
webinterface. The gui might get more accessible in future, but I am sure
that not all things might be done with a screenreader.



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