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Well it won't matter even if they don't keep the skin.

There are enough working versions of 5.666 that I doubt it will matter.

Pluss we may just be able to transfer everything out of the right folders I will make darn sure to make sure that the skins are coppied over,.

Saying that, as of right now, radiognome don't seem to have the same interests as aol, from what we know from what little exists they are a primarily a streaming service, the winamp player is a secondary thing, they really wanted the shoutcast streaming system.

I do want an updated plugin database though with the death of old winamp even though it was crap and outdated the entire plugin database went as well and I'd like it or some updated version of it back.

Bar old news on the forums and their site which is not updated much, if at all bar the free-codecs hack site which has a lot of stuff, the only thing official they have done this year is lock their twitter.

I followed them with chicken nugget a little while ago and I was accepted within a day but that is it.

On 9/18/2018 7:20 PM, Kwork wrote:
Hopefully they'll keep the classic skin, or give us something just as accessible. This could excite me.

On 9/17/2018 3:14 PM, JM Casey wrote:

It’ll be interesting to see what further functionality a new version offers.

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I can’t wait thill Winamp makes a come back. I hope its still accessible also.

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That is indeed interesting. Still using (and happy with) v5.666 on Windows 10. I'll definitely consider upgrading to a version 6 at some point if things go well.

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Its not officially on their website or in fact twitter, but free-codecs has published a page on winamp 5.8 beta, indicating that v6 will be out later this year.

I don't know how these guys get the information before others do and while I havn't downloaded this version since its not official as such its worth mentioning anyway.

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