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Oh, is that bug back again, this happened some versions ago. When will software writers learn not to change things if they actually work?
I have given up on it. There is some program called walta or similar if you just want to move files to and from an I phone and I'd suggest having separate programs for each bit you do in windows as clearly, Itunes has become bloted and is attempting to do far too many things in one place.
Bah humbug!

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Subject: [nvda] iTunes bug?

Hi folks.

Just thought I'd give iTunes another try.

So, I'm using the snapshot versions of NVDA, RC4.

And the latest version of iTunes.

So if your in your music view, and you have it to show by song,, with the Column Browser enabled, the list that shows, wont read when you down or up arrow.

But I no that its moving, because when i tab to the song the name of the song changes.

anyone else see this?

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