Re: serious problem with nvda 2018.3 with firefox

Michel Such

Very strange,

Firefox Quantum has always worked fine for me.

Firefox 62.0 64 bits, Windows 10 1803.

Michel Such

Le 18/09/2018 à 16:09, zahra a écrit :
even i tested firefox 61.01 32bit version of firefox with many
versions of nvda 2015.3, 2016.1, 2016.3, 2016.4, 2017.1, and 2017.2
and firefox crashed for me.
it crashed even when openning simple websites without scripts.
i believe that firefox quantum is not usable for screen readers and i
use 52.9esr forever by the grace of God.

On 9/18/18, Kwork <> wrote:
No problems here so far. 64-bit Firefox on Win 10, 1803, 64-bit, NVDA

On 9/18/2018 1:10 AM, Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William wrote:
I just tasted the latest stable version of nvda, and found that NVDA
became inaccessable with Firefox.

It only say list and cannot interact with the page content.
Any advice?


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