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No, NVDA just says "Pane" and when it does this for example when I want to gain focus of a list of emails in the Inbox I can't just use the arrow keys to move through those mails, I have to press "tab key" and "Shift + tab" to come back to the list of emails first.
This behaviour can also happen when I try and alt tab to windows such as Internet explorer etc.


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Does it announce the names of the windows as you alt+tab or just read "pane"? Have you noticed it anywhere else?

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Hi All,

I have been trying to find out the cause of why NVDA on two of my computers
keeps announcing "Pane" whenever I alt + tab between windows. Is this a
normal thing for NVDA to do or can it be somehow stopped. It becomes
annoying after some time of moving between windows.
I am using two computers with Windows 7 on both.
Any suggestions would be welcome.

Many thanks,




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