Re: Waterfox works with NVDA

JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

I’m unable to use Firefox 62 with JAWS without it hanging up/needing to be closed with task manager, however so far it’s working fine with NVDA 2018.2 (haven’t gotten the upgrade yet).


As for Waterfox, there are some things I’ve always been unclear about.

What, if any, advantage does it really have over firefox?

And how do they handle security updates/bug-fixes? If the versions were concurrent with Firefox at one time and they’re now at 56, that means they are lagging over a year behind the curve now.


Also, you can set your homepage with Firefox easily, so that it opens and goes straight to google, or whatever page you choose.




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Hello everyone,


Further to my previous post, I noticed that Waterfox was recommended as an alternative browser to Mozilla Firefox.  I have installed Waterfox 56.2.3 and updated NVDA to 2018.3 and Waterfox works fine.  If anything, it loads faster than Firefox and takes me straight to Google, my preferred home page.


Best wishes,


Clive Pallett



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