Questions about NVDA 2018.3 emoji support.

John Isige

So I was playing around with emojis, and I've noticed that some of them aren't read, and some of them are read twice. To reproduce, go into the emoji panel, I'm hitting Windows-; (semicolon) in case that matters, and tab to people. I land on "woman, 1 of 175". Arrowing right I hear "woman, man, 3 of 175, girl", and so on. Now arrow back to the left until you get to woman. Hit the down arrow, and you'll get "older woman". Keep arrowing right until you hear "12 of 175". If you arrow right two times, each time you hear "man with turban" and the rising tone of a question mark. I'm pretty sure that later in the list there are three of the same thing in a row at least.

I don't know where the emoji naming comes from, if they're specified in NVDA source or they're drawing on something internal to Windows or what, but I thought I'd mention it. Incidentally, Narrator reads this just fine, I think 3 of 175 is a girl, 12 is a prince, the two things that show up as "man with turban" are a woman and a man wearing a turban, respectively, and so on. Narrator's kind of slow, if I arrow too fast I get duplicated names instead of new ones, but I don't think that's what's going on with NVDA. My other question was whether NVDA reads emojis now, the answer is yes if you read by line but not by character apparently, because I just added and deleted some from this email. So that's that solved I guess.

Sorry I didn't point this out in the RC phase, things have been crazy around here and I didn't really get a chance to do much with them other than run them and see that they didn't break anything.

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