Re: NVDA 2018.3.1rc1 fix for Firefox crashing

Brice Mijares

i have Firefox Portable ESR_60.2.0 _ 64 bit. I normally use NVDA and even tried Jaws and narrator and all 3 seem as if they want to crash, but just go silent for up to 30 seconds or so. Web pages keep refreshing. NVDA key plus F-7 or insert f-7 for Jaws don't give me a list of links. This is where I gave up. All 3 screen readers are current. and I'm running
Windows version: Windows 10Ver1803 (64-bit) build 17134.286
Glad I didn't allow my FX 52.x to update to 60.2.0 Forgot to mention, I have a Lenovo laptop, don't know what series it is though.

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